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I got back from visiting wazroth and cgoldfish this afternoon. The trip was a lot of fun, and it was great to see them again, plus to experience the four-cat household (and the free free market, and the southern spices store, and the excellent food, and and and...)

[Actually, the truck with the Virgin Mary, an Aztec temple, and some glam rockers painted on the back deserves special note.]

Last Thursday katrinkles taught me to crochet, so I have been working on a crocheted bath mat from the 'One Skein' book. I decided that this would be the project I would bring on the plane, although I was a little worried that my crochet hook would be confiscated (although not that worried; crochet hooks are cheap). However in the event I got to keep it and as a result got a lot done; that particular project is almost complete, I think. (You may wonder how it is possible to knit a bath mat using a single skein of yarn, but it turns out that the One Skein people refer here to giant 900-yard spools of cotton yarn. I don't have one of those, but I did have two 400-yarn skeins of denim left over from the big cable blanket; they are now mostly gone! (I have a third partly used skein on hand in case I need it.)

The baby quilt I started a couple of weeks ago is also farther along than I expected. The main pieces are all done, so what remains is for them to be blocked (I already did some blocking, but was not 100% successful; I have a plan that I think will work better), sewn together, and a border to be added. (I originally planned to make the whole thing be one color, but I think it will be nicer if the border is a different color, so I picked up some more yarn in North Carolina on Saturday.) I don't have a really good picture of the pieces, but until I do here is a phone picture of them with cgoldfish's Roxiecat sitting on them:

When I got home, I discovered that my upstairs neighbor's radiator had leaked, resulting in a huge puddle in my living room. Fortunately, none of my music or computer equipment was hit; unfortunately, Cables Untangled, a knitting book that plant_geek gave me for HMas was. It's a nifty book, so I'm going to order a replacement.

Despite that (and the little problem that my car needed a jump start when I went to retrieve it from long-term parking at the airport), it is nice to be back!
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