Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

anthology note

For those keeping track, I finished Baen's Galaxy: The Best Of My Years this morning and launched into The Best Of Crank! during lunch, so that little project's coming right along. I don't want to influence the results of the poll, but I think it is safe to note that the second piece in the Galaxy book, an essay by Isaac Asimov titled "Is There Hope For The Future", contains a series of predictions for what the world might look like at the beginning of the 21st century, the first of which is: "World population will stand at 7,000,000,000, but all over the world, heroic and successful measures will be holding the line, and every effort will be made to lower the birth rate to the point where the population will decline toward an ultimate goal of perhaps no more than 1,000,000,000." This prediction is actually one of the most accurate in the essay.
Tags: history, the future

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