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Inspired by cgoldfish, and using some of the same yarn she used for her socks, I made this, finished a few minutes ago:

The other sock will not match, exactly, because I don't think I have enough green yarn, but you'll see how it works out ...

This is not quite the first sock I've made, since I made a pair of giant Doctor Who socks for plorkwort a couple of years ago, but it's kind of exciting anyway. It seems to fit, which is nice.

A couple of my friends have mentioned that they don't really understand the kitchener stitch. I use these instructions, which I think are pretty good (although I think the first time I used them I had to go back and forth a lot to figure them out, but that's par for the course for me). The 'This is what you should have ...' steps were unfortunately not that helpful to me, because I wasn't sure what I was looking at, but I figured it out anyway.
Tags: knitting, socks

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