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Things that are good

When I was out walking earlier I stopped into a bookstore and noticed that there were books by Paul di Filippo and Rudy Rucker that I didn't own yet, so I snapped them up -- probably won't get to read them for a while, but still very pleasing! (The di Filippo is Shuteye for the Timebreaker, and the Rucker is The Hollow Earth.)

Also while I was out walking I got a call from Keith Munslow in which he said that if I wanted to I should bring CDs for tonight, since he is hoping to set up a merchandise table. (Also, he said that there's about a 50/50 chance he'll ask me to do a second song tonight, so that is exciting!)

So when I came home I finally got around to putting together a new CD of original material, which I named 'Plastic & Thread' for no good reason. I also made a few new copies of 'Imaginary Internet Man'.

The tracklist for my old CD, Imaginary Internet Man, is:

  1. Eleven Past Two
  2. Ezra's Song
  3. Editors at War
  4. Pickle Postcard
  5. Interests Are For Jerks
  6. Fuck The Bees
  7. Kitten Knitting Blues
  8. Walking Stick Making
  9. Hybrid Car
  10. Rewind (Waitsian)
  11. Lady Luck
  12. "Pumpkin, Mrs. Farnsworth" (English Country Garden Mix)
  13. My Little Lobster
  14. Pigskin Loofah (rip cut)
  15. I'm A Guy
  16. Ballad of the Eire Canal
and the tracklist for Plastic & Thread is:
  1. Watching Killer Robots Eat Your Head
  2. Avocados And Beer
  3. Interests Are For Jerks (Ink Spots version)
  4. Oil Price Blues
  5. You're The Tea In My Teacup
  6. Socks of Quarters Blues
  7. The Limit
  8. Yarn Blues
  9. Worst Meal
  10. I Wear A Croth
  11. Hybrid Car (guitar version)
  12. Watching Killer Robots Eat Your Head (Live)

Obviously, the old CD is the better deal, but the new one has song songs that people have been asking me about, so I'm glad I finally put it together.

Tags: imaginary internet man, plastic & thread, recordings

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