Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

brief notes to TV shows

Battlestar Galactica: Some really bad episodes lately, which just accentuate the sad fact that you seem to have lost your way. It says something about my diminished expectations for the series that I'm not really disappointed that all the mystico-religious stuff appears to be actually true. Still, it would be nice if you could decide what, exactly, you're about, and even nicer if whatever that is doesn't suck. It is cute how the show opening still pretends that the Cylons have A PLAN.

All may be forgiven if the human survivors do find Earth again, and it is revealed that it's 1980.

Lost: The Others were a lot more interesting when we didn't know much about them, weren't they? More focus on the folks on the beach, please, and also please make Kate kickass again. (Hey, didn't there used to be some caves or something?) I almost hesitate to mention this, but consistent characterization would be nice, and if you could make people stop acting like idiots for plot purposes ... OK, OK, I know, start with little steps.

Heroes: Congratulations on making it through an episode without killing a female character! (Not counting the one that died at the end of the previous episode who we saw dead at the beginning of this one. Hmm, I appear to have reduced expectations here too.) Also, it was nice to see Mohinder do something almost useful.

I look forward to the next episode, but I've still got my eye on you -- please don't do anything too mean to Claire's mom.
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