Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

open mikes!

crazyanimallady suggested I post about this here, and I am happy to comply!

There are a couple of open mikes that I'm planning to go to over the next few days. I'm happy to give rides to people who want to go and would like to carpool. They are:

  • Labyrinth Java Jam [directions]
    600 Fall River Avenue in Seekonk, MA 02771, but follow the directions above

    This is in a Congregational church in Seekonk. It takes place the second Friday of every month at 7 pm. It's run by Sally Sisto of the Wippets. I've seen musicians, poets, writers, a storyteller, and other stuff on previous visits to this open mike, which is basically the friendliest open mike I've ever been to. There is also cheese pizza for a dollar a slice, plus cookies and other oddments.

  • The Feudal Caboodle, AS220's Second-Sunday Open Mic [directions

    Signup is around 8 pm and the music starts at 9 pm, right after the RISA Songwriters in the Round show. There's a $3 cover but performers get in free. Lots of singer/songwriters, some spoken word ... it's first come first served, and runs until around midnight. If christychristy is able to make it then I will give CSSOB its first public performance, but if not I'll do something else.

My standard offer of a free drink for people who are willing to come to an open mike with me still stands. (Since the selection is limited at the Java Jam, I can also get pizza or owe you one for a later date.)

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