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What do you think? Too goofy?

The pattern is from Knitting Nature by Norah Gaughan, which my sister gave to me for HMas. The yarn is Green Mountain Spinner Mountain Mohair, which is 70% wool and 30% yaerling mohair. I used slightly more than a skein.

According to the book the pattern on the top is based on the spiral pattern found in a sunflower, but christychristy suggested that it looked more like an acorn cap, which I think is true.

You can see that there's basically four sections of the hat: the ribbed edge, the stockinette bit, the decrease part with the faux cables, and finally the icord. I'm thinking of making another one with the a longer stockinette section, as currently when the ribbed part is flipped up it barely reaches my ears. (I see from pictures in the book that you're not supposed to flip up the edge but I mean come on.) Also, I'd like to experiment with using two or three different colors in the hat.

So maybe I'll make one more of these hats, then get to work on blanket bits for another project.

Too goofy?

Tags: hat, knitting
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