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london vs. nyc -> boston vs. providence

plorkwort brought this discussion of an article that says that London is starting to eclipse New York, or something to my attention. About halfway down this happens:
[Previous posters said:] I really wish that New York would get reduced to a glowing, radioactive pile of slag (and that in turn salted just to be safe).

Now, now, I'm not sure we want it to resemble Boston.


I have no strong feelings on New York, and I've not yet been to London, but I will weigh in that I fucking hate the city of Boston with the fire of a thousand suns. Most of that hatred can be channeled into the fact that Logan International Airport is one of the outer circles of hell.

Sometimes people not familiar with Boston ask me why, if I live in Providence, don't I just move to Boston? The answer is simple. I live in in Providence because Boston is a festering shithole.
You're either delusional or some unknown life form that breathes methane. Only in the Providence area could 100 people die at a hair metal concert in the 21st century.

If Boston is a festering shithole, Providence is tiny shithole that has long since dried up. Just like Revere, but smellier and harder to get to. At least it has plenty of parking, I guess.

Now's the part where you threaten to get in your Camaro and drive up 95 to have your boyfriend Nunzio beat me up. Remember to tell your parole officer that you're leaving the state.
Poster #1 later responded to another poster with:
That's enormously insulting--Boston's a small town with enormous attitude that just pretends to be a real city.

I'm with you there. There's all sorts of snobbery, but when it comes down to it, you've just got a bunch of elitists in a poorly organized shithole.
which got this response:
If the camaro's not running this week, I can meet you in that public zoo in Providence that appears to take WIC checks and thinks that polar bears sleep on mulch.

How's that for snobbery?

Roger Wiliams Park is a weird place, and as much love as I have for Providence, I'll be the first to admit that "Little Rhody" is the retarded nephew of the other forty nine states.

And I still hate Boston.
Lots of other city-talk in that discussion, which is quite long, for those who are interested!
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