Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Jim Stramel film fest!

This morning I got in the mail not one but THREE videotapes of Jim Stramel goodness, along with a nice handwritten note thanking me for my interest in his films. Here's what I got:

Tape 1: Trailers for '6 Bullets for Jesus' and 'The Thrillbillys'

Tape 2: 'My Ass Is Bleeding' and 'Pitiful Reflections'

Tape 3: 'The Thrillbillys' (trailer and feature film)

According to an interview with Jim Stramel I read, 'Pitiful Reflections' is a sort of oral history thing where a guy named Ward Fordham tells stories about growing up. 'My Ass Is Bleeding', on the other hand, is a four-minute-long tale of a man whose ass is bleeding and how freaky that is, I gather.

'The Thrillbillys' is a 75 minute action-adventure film. Mr. Stramel provides the following summary:
Dodger Cole walks out of jail into a changed world.  The Virginia hills where she once raced and ran bootleg whiskey have become overrun with convenience stores and giant sized mega marts.  When she sees the family still bulldozed to make way for yet another Super-Great Mart she unleashes her gang on moonshine fueled rampage of revenge to take back the South and send the modern day carpetbaggers to HELL!
'6 Bullets For Jesus' is, I think, the project that Stramel is currently working on (so the trailer is all that's currently available), but I might have that wrong.

Unfortunately my VCR is currently broken so I may not beable to watch these until the mini-ARKPLE at the end of this month. We'll see!
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