Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

new recordings, for a wonder

Last night, I felt like making some recordings. So I did. Here are two of the results.

First up we have a relatively new original song, Photo Album. [introduction]

This is the song I wrote for the Songwriters In The Round event at AS220 a few months ago. It was written on the assigned theme, which was 'Childhood Photographs'. [I was really afraid that one or more of the other singer/songwriters would have written similar songs, but nobody did.]

Song #2 is a song by Paul Geremia called Stone Sober Blues. [intro] I've always liked this song, partly because (in my interpretation) the singer is supposed to be pretty seriously drunk. Anyway, I've recorded it here on piano. Ignore the obvious mistake at the end!
As always, all the recordings are available on my website and can also be retrieved from my podcast. Also, you can see previous posts of mine with the tag 'podcast'.
Tags: podcast, recordings

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