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yesterday's quiz

People got most of them. The remaining ones are:

2. "Gotta Serve Somebody" by Bob Dylan.
6. "Everybody Loves The Sunshine" by Roy Ayers. According to somebody I don't remember who it is, this is the most sampled song ever.
7. "Hey! Hey! Hey!" by the Stanley Brothers. More songs should have titles like this.
8. "Mornin' Kind of Feelin'" by Sandee Saunders. Are there songs with more apostrophes in their titles?
10. "Turn Your Guns" by Ethan and Kate. This cheerful, poppy song is about how soldiers and the police should stage an armed rebellion and tear down the structures of the state. Awesome anarchist folk music! Free downloads! Check 'em out!
11. "Reno Blues" by Three Tobacco Tags.
15. "Mopping, Mopping Mopping" by The Bobs. I wonder how many other songs I have whose titles are the same word repeated three times? (littleamerica clearly was thinking of the right song for this one but couldn't remember the title.)
19. "Crackin' Up" by Bo Diddley.

I thought somebody would get a few of these, but on the other hand people got some that I didn't think they would, so it all works out.
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