Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Last night's Heroes

OK, a few points.

- It looks like Future Peter doesn't have the Haitian's ability to block others' powers -- I guess the Haitian blocked his ability to do that.

- Also, the President has never met the Haitian, I guess, since if he lost his shapeshifting ability that would be pretty obvious to everyone. (Or would he just get stuck in his current 'shape'?

- Although he has met Parkman enough times that perhaps the guy who can read minds might have picked up who he really was? It's not like Future Parkman is a paragon of ethical behavior or anything.

- Apparently blowing up an entire city doesn't kill you. Or maybe that's only true if you have the ability to regenerate.

- Hey, Future Mohinder did something useful! How about that?

- Another dead female hero. To be fair, some dead male heroes too. To be even more fair, I would have to say that Stripper Future Nikki is not a big argument in favor of this show's enlightened treatment of women.
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