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Motif Awards quick report

I just got back from the Motif Magazine awards. Not to keep you in suspense, the winner of the Best Local Folk Act category (which the Killdevils was nominated for) was the Atwater-Donnelly Band.

Here are the full results, which I assume Motif will publish in the next few days:

Best Local Act: Duke Robillard
Best Local Folk Act: The Atwater-Donnelly Band
Best Local Celtic Act: Pendragon
Best Local Blues Act: Superchief Trio
Best Local Jazz Act: Gypsy Nights
Best Male Vocalist: Mark Cutler
Best Female Vocalist: Aubrey Atwater
Best Local CD: "The Halfway Ground" by Jerimoth Hill
Best Open Mic Venue: TIE: Tazza Caffe/Brooklyn Coffee & Tea House
Best Local Latin Band: Santa Mamba
Best Singer-Songwriter: Joanne Lurgio
Band of the Year: Blizzard of '78
Breakthrough Band of the Year: Route .44
Best Live Act: For What It's Worth
Album of the Year: "Where All LIfe Hangs" by Blizzard of '78
Best Male Vocalist: Pip (of Blizzard of '78)
Best Female Vocalist: Heather Rose (of Heather Rose & the Drama)
Cover Band of the Year: Cuzin Eddy
Local Band Gone National: Roomful of Blues

Thanks to everyone who voted for us. I think the Phoenix Awards will also be announced this week.
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