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The Guitar

It's been a while since I updated the journal so I'll make a few updates this evening which will hopefully be enough to prevent me from doing anything too productive, such as paying bills.

Anyway. The guitar!

Since Chris and I have been playing out over the past months there's been a constant question of how to amplify my guitar. The problem is that I play acoustic guitar and generally play pretty quietly (I don't use a pick for instance). For a while I tried using a Dean Markely pickup, which is one of those pickups that you wedge into the soundhole of your guitar, but it tended to have a loud buzz and didn't sound that great. So then we abandoned that and just used an external mike. The problem with this approach was that since I switch from guitar to piano and back to guitar it was difficult for me to maintain the same distance from the microphone ... and there was a limit to how loud I could be amplified before feedback started becoming a big problem.

I considered various solutions to this, but finally I decided that the thing to do was get a pickup installed in my current acoustic guitar. With some trepidation I took it in to the shop to get this done a week ago last Saturday, and it went under the knife this week sometime. But I got it back on Saturday and it sounds good. So hurrah! It's one of those Fishman piezo pickups.

This will be very handy the next time we play in a loud bar, which will probably be on April 10!

The other solution I considered was buying another guitar with a pick-up built in ... which I still may do, but I think I'd like it to be an electric guitar, maybe a hollowbody or semi hollowbody. Well, we'll see.

manfire has a twelve-string guitar with pickup that he might want to sell to me, and which I'm planning to have a look at while I'm down visiting next weekend, so that may be the way I end up going! Mmmm, twelve-string. (And thanks to the manfire for holding off on selling it until I get a chance to have a look at it.)
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