Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

plant sale reminder/update

As I've previously mentioned, the City Farm Plant Sale (a fundraiser for the Southside Community Land Trust) is this weekend. [directions] It's open from 10 am to 2 pm both Saturday May 19 and Sunday May 20.

There's live acoustic music both days, and Chris Monti and I are playing both Saturday and Sunday -- Saturday separately and Sunday as the Killdevils. What I didn't know until recently was exactly when we were going to play. But now I've been given the schedule and it is:

Saturday May 19: Chris Monti noon to 1 pm, me 1 to 2 pm.
Sunday May 20: The Killdevils 1 to 2 pm.

It is a nice event, so I hope those of you who are in the area can stop by!

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