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Weekend Activities

My sister Char, her husband Joe, and their five month old son Ezra came to visit this weekend. I was slightly disorganized about it, as originally the plan was for them to stay at a hotel but at some point this changed to them staying with me, which I missed somehow. It wasn't a problem but I would have spent a bit more time cleaning up the place had I known that that was what was happening.

Unfortunately Ezra was a little sick with a cold and a fever, so they ended up not staying as long as they had hoped to, and Ezra was fussier than usual, especially around bedtime. It was still great to see them, and particularly Ezra, who I hadn't seen in more than a month. I got to see him eat solid food! And he seems like he's very close to being able to crawl -- the one thing he hasn't quite figured out is that you have to keep your belly off the floor to reduce friction. Instead, he sticks his belly out so it becomes a sort of a pivot -- he can spin around from side to side quite easily but for forward and backward motion it just doesn't work that well. Very cute! He can also pick things up, which I don't think he had quite perfected the last time I saw him. (He can also put things in his mouth but it isn't yet the case that that's automatically what he does with everything, I don't think.)

Friday night I got us all pizza for dinner and we got in a game of Scrabble (I came in second, with Joe ending up with a quite decisive 30-point lead). Saturday we went to a couple of bookstores and a yarn place, where I got some funky new yarn to incorporate into the gigantic scarf I'm working on. Mmmm, scarf.

I got us some Thai takeout for dinner last night and they drove back to New Hampshire this morning.

Hopefully I'll go visit them soon!
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