Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

upcoming shows

Got a show every week this month (including this very week), so I thought I'd make a little post saying what's coming up ...

Thursday June 7 and 21 at Nick-a-Nees

Good old Nick-a-Nees! The address is 75 South Street, Providence, RI. The shows go from 9 pm to midnight and are free. Also there are free peanuts.

We've learned a half-dozen new songs which we'll be playing on the show on the 7th. Then, on the 21st, we're giving the second set to special guests The 'Mericans; should be a good time.

Wednesday June 13 at Tazza Caffe

At 250 Westminster Street in Providence. This also is from 9 to midnight and is free.

This used to be open mike night, but no more -- instead it is now Becky Chace's Singer/Songwriter Showcase. I'm not sure exactly how the sets will be divided up but I'm guessing that Becky will do two sets and we'll do a set in the middle.

Thursday June 28 at White Electric

711 Westminster Street in Providence from 7 to 11 pm.

There will be three acts. One will be Allysen Callery, another will be the Chris Monti Acoustic Band with Bob Asprinio on upright bass and Steve Jobe on viola. And then there's the one I'm in, the Ballad of America Band, which will feature me, Chris, David Haller, and Bob Aspirinio playing assorted musical instruments. It should be fun (and probably more than a little chaotic).

Also a free show, although there will be a call for donations.

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