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The last few days

have been pretty busy! I have a little lunch break time now, though, so here's a quick description of what's been going on.

Wednesday I went to a show at AS220. Performing there were Providence musical acts The Superchief Trio and The Sentimental Favorites, plus out-of-towner Corn'Mo, who played accordion and keyboard and whose stage manner reminded me a little of manfire.

Thursday I had a Killdevils show at Nick-a-Nees. Chris and I performed six songs for the first time: 'Barstow', 'Route 66', 'Big River', 'San Francisco Bay Blues', 'Down in the Dumps', and 'Will The Circle Be Unbroken?'. They all went quite well!

Also on this day I got an email from John Fuzek (head of RISA) asking me if I still planned to volunteer to help out at the sustainable living festival on Saturday. I responded saying that I was. He then responded and told me to bring my guitar, as one of the scheduled performers (Mark Cutler) had cancelled. OK!

Friday there was a potluck at chaos_are_me's new apartment.

While I was cooking up some pasta to take to the potluck my cell phone ring and it was Erminio Pinque, who as it turns out founded and runs Big Nazo, who is a little difficult to describe but is a kind of puppet troupe which is a Providence institution. They play at parties and parades and such, and they have a couple of musicians (a clarinetist and an accordion player) who perform with them in costume. The problem is that these musicians can't always make all the shows that Big Nazo gets booked for. Keith Munslow (of the Superchief Trio) told Erminiio that I play accordion, so Erminio was wondering if I might be interested in doing this sort of thing sometime ... ?

So I'm going to go over and do an audition for him at some point (at a date and time yet to be specified).

After that conversation, I headed over to the potluck and met chaos_are_me roommates, who probably now think of me as the guy who sings 'Watching Killer Robots Eat Your Head' and 'Cock-Sucking Son of a Bitch', which I guess is fair enough; I am that guy.

I will pause and note that this made three days in a row that I didn't get to bed before 1 am.

Saturday I had volunteered to help out at the Apeiron Sustainable Living Festival in Coventry. I was told to get there at 10 am, but I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to get there earlier in case I was needed, so I got up at 7 am, packed up all my stuff, drove down at 8 am, got there at 9 am, helped set up a tent for 45 minutes, then helped out at the RISA music tent. It was, of course, pouring, and things were pretty chaotic; by the time the music started, at around 1 am, half of the ground under the tent was covered by a large puddle that was probably three or four inches deep in spots. But it was fun anyway, and I did get to play the guitar, trading songs with Josie Crosby for probably an hour or so. (Josie was wearing rubber galoshes, while my feet were clad in sandals and mud.) The last act of the day (Erica Wheeler) was moved to the main stage, so we got to break everything down early, which I took as an opportunity to go home, as I was pretty tired.

I got home and decided that I would draw myself a bath, take care of a couple of little things, take the bath, call some people, and then either go to bed or (if I felt up to it) go out and do something social. In the event, I drew the bath, decided to lie down for a couple of minutes, and then slept for twelve hours. So, there it is.

Sunday I had practice with CMonti and then went to Massachusetts to visit my father. We had a nice dinner and played some guitar, and then I headed back home.

And that's about it.
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