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An evening well-spent

This evening I headed over to the East Side to meet with simon44, something we've been planning to do for a few weeks but haven't had a chance to do before now. For dinner simon44 suggested Wings To Go, a restaurant on Thayer Street that I must have walked by a hundred times but for some reason had never tried out. The wings were quite good. Mmmm, wings.

He also suggested going to the 7:15 showing of Touching the Void at the Avon. I had heard good things about it so we went for it. Good lord, but that film is harrowing. Damn. In it two mountain climbers recount the story of how they went climbing in Tibet and almost died, with dramatic reenactments of what happened. (My description makes it sound cheesy, but it wasn't.)

Emerging from the theater after seeing that movie into wind-driven particulate snow triggered a deep-seated desire to go inside and get some hot chocolate somewhere, but that wasn't really an option, so I came home.

A good evening!

Tomorrow I go off to the wilds to visit manfire, revjack256, and other Kibologists. Whee!
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