Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

baby sweater, hat, and booties completed

I finished most of this a while ago, then it took me a while to get around to sewing it together (and even longer to finish sewing the buttons on). But here, it is done! (Fortunately, the child this is for hasn't been born yet.)

I think the outfit came out pretty well.

katrinkles gave me some labels to put on my knitted goods for my birthday, so this was my first opportunity to use one!

The yarn is almost all Elsebeth Lavold's Cotton Paniné yarn. The exception is the edging which is black Rowan Denim yarn.

The pattern is based on Debbie Bliss's Cotton Knits for All Seasons (it's the 'Simple Jacket, Hat, and Bootees' pattern).
Tags: angst, baby, knitting, yarn

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