Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

I return

I'm back. The trip was good.

This week is going to busy. Ideally I will:

- Practice Killdevils material for Thursday. (Probably Monday night or Thursday during lunch break.)
- Practice Ballad of America material for next week. (Possibly Wednesday during lunch break.)
- Put up posters for Thursday's show.
- Pick up my tuxedo from the mall on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday -- preferably Wednesday, but that may not be possible. (I'm in a wedding party this coming weekend.)
- Go to the post office to mail a package of knitted rectangles to the 'Warm Up America' people. (Although I suppose there isn't as much of a rush on that given the temperature these days.)
- Play in show Thursday. (Relatives may be coming down for the show.) SnB is also this day, of course.
- Hang out with Froggy on Wednesday evening. (Kerri, you should get in on this if you aren't already.)
- Go to Cape Cod on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for wedding stuff.
- Work. (Although leaving work early on Friday.)
- Haircut before Thursday, ideally, but this may not be in the cards.

The trickiest bit is the tuxedo. If BoA practice is on Wednesday then I guess I will go to the mall for the tux Thursday, during lunch break if I don't have Killdevils practice then and before SnB if I do. Yes, that seems to make sense.

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