Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Reading Poll #2

While I was in New Jersey this past weekend I went to the Montclair Book Center, a used bookstore that I have fond memories of (I lived in Montclair from 1997 to 1999). So I got a bunch more books.

Add those to the books I already had in my 'to-read' pile and you end up with this:

What should I read next?

The August 2007 issue of Asimov's, containing stories by Rudy Rucker and Bruce Sterling (a collaboration), Kathleen Ann Goonan, Tom Purdom, Daryl Gregory, Tim McDaniel, Justin Stanchfield, and Jack Skillingstead. (141 pages.)
John Brunner's "Muddle Earth". (276 pages.)
Paul di Filippo's "Time's Black Lagoon", an authorized "Creature from the Black Lagoon" book. (301 pages.) I am very curious about this.
Joe Haldeman's "Camouflage". (289 pages.)
Henry Kuttner's "The Dark World". (126 pages.)
Henry Kuttner's "The Mask of Circe". (158 pages.)
Ken Macleod's "Learning the World". (364 pages.) Won the Prometheus award, was also a finalist for the Hugo.
Joseph Mitchell's "Up in the Old Hotel". (716 pages.) A collection of his short works for the New Yorker and two longer books, I believe. This was a birthday present from my friend Pam. Not science fiction!
Charlie Stross's "The Family Trade". (312 pages.) First book in the 'Merchant Princes' series.
Vernor Vinge's "Rainbows End". (381 pages.) Nominated for the Hugo (voting has not yet occurred).

As always, do not let ignorance of any or all of the books prevent you from voting! Also, if you have any comments about any of these books or authors please let me know.
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