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The show

Chris and I had another show at the Blue Plate Lounge in Holden, MA yesterday. We started a little late (quarter past four instead of four), but it otherwise went OK. Only two people we knew showed up (my father and one of his brothers), so most of the people were at the bar. Some things of note:

- I brought the twelve-string guitar of Joe Manfre (a guitar I bought from manfire last weekend). Since I've only had the guitar for a week and it's taken some getting used to I wasn't sure we'd actually use it (I brought it mainly because I wanted to show it to my father), but we started the second set with me playing it on Kind Hearted Woman (with Chris singing and playing harmonica; people applauded after one of his harmonica solos, which was very nice!), and Chris also played a couple of songs on it in the second set (Peggy-O and a song he wrote called Me & Curby). Fun!

- We got a request for King of the Road, but neither of us knew how to play it. Maybe next time ... (Tamara Harris take note!)

Last time we played at the Blue Plate there were more people (both people I knew and those I didn't) and we had a couple of encore requests and everything, so I was a little disappointed that there weren't more people this time. But it was still fun, and hopefully there will be more people at the next show we do there, which will be on April 25.

We'll be playing in Worcester again on Thursday, April 8, which will be kind of a late show so I'm dreading it slightly although I'm sure it will be fun. The big one that Chris and I are looking forward to is on April 10, when we'll be playing at Billy Goode's in Newport. Chris thinks there will be a lot of people there (because Newport in April) and the fact that we've seen Paul Geremia play there is also quite exciting! Also, they have a real piano, so I may play that instead of me keyboard, which also would be fun. (Mmmmm, real piano.) Also, it's the first show in Rhode Island we've had in many months, so that will be fun.
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