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Cow Cow Boogie

One thing I did today is get a couple of versions of the song Cow Cow Blues, which was originally written by Cow Cow Davenport. (The two versions I got were by Paul Gayten and someone named Mr. B. I got 'em from the Apple Music Store using a couple of Pepsi bottle tops. It turns out there's a Cow Cow Boogie with lyrics that was performed by a bunch of different people, such as Ella Fitzgerald, and which doesn't appear to have any relationship to Cow Cow Blues.)

As with my earlier Pinetop's Boogie Woogie mass purchase, the idea here was to listen to a few different versions with an eye to learning to play some variant of the song myself.

The neat thing is that while the last time I tried to master the song (which was some years ago, I think) I couldn't play it at all, really. But now I'm trying to follow along and I only suck at it. So, progress! With a bit of luck I'll only be mediocre at it before too long, I hope!

As appears to be traditional with these things, one of the versions of the song is in good old C, while the other appears to be in E flat or some damn thing.
Tags: boogie-woogie, piano

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