Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

music report, plus planning

The Woonsocket Fine Arts Fest went OK. There weren't a whole lot of people, which is what I get for requesting the 10 am to noon slot, but I didn't run out of material (which I was a little concerned about), I got one request (for 'Ring of Fire'; I asked if it would be OK if I did 'I Walk The Line' instead, and was told that was fine), and as I was packing up a woman shouted "I liked the song about the potatoes!" Then I drove up to Newburyport where I hung out with people and watched Morris dancing. (I have a couple of short video clips on my phone, but my phone also claims that they are slightly too large to transfer off of my phone. This is a feature of my phone that I do not much care for.) Now I am home and am a little twitchy from having been in a car so much today, plus lots of tiredness, plus lots of caffeine. Maybe I will go to sleep soon.

But there is no better time to do a little planning then while I am teetering near incoherence, so let's get to it.

- I've decided that the random collection of recordings that I've accumulated doesn't constitute a demo, or at least it doesn't constitute a good demo. This week, I'd like to go through my repetoire, pick out 10-15 songs that I want to be on the demo, evaluate whatever recordings I have of those songs, and decide which need to be recorded or rerecorded. Then on the 26th (if I don't have time sooner) I want to have a little recording session in my apartment, do whatever recording is needed, and put the demo out. (Whatever new recordings are made will also get put out on the podcast.)

- The next show I have scheduled is in a couple of weeks. It's the Empire Revue, where I'll play one or two songs. Right now I'm thinking I'll do 'You're the Tea in my Teacup' and the new song, 'A Dozen Lovely Roses', but I'm also thinking of bringing the accordion and doing 'Avocados and Beer'. We will see.

- The week after that is the Songwriters in the Round show. I need to write a song about 'Absolute Zero', so ... need to continue thinking about that. I definitely want to do 'Avocadoes and Beer' at this show, so should make sure to practice the accordion plenty between now and then. Maybe also do 'Photo Album' since I wrote that for the last Songwriters in the Round show, and maybe the new 'A Dozen Lovely Roses' song? I will continue to think about it. (According to my myspace blog, the last time I did Songwriters in the Round I played 'You're the Tea in my Teacup', 'Hybrid Car Blues', 'Photo Album' (of course), and 'Watching Killer Robots Eat Your Head', so I don't want to repeat more than one of those.)

- The Killdevils are playing at the Southside Community Land Trust's annual hoedown on Saturday September 15 (this is the next Killdevils show); I need to pull together the information about this so I can post it on the relevant websites. Have sent email to Chris about this.

- Need to figure out North Carolina trip and buy tickets. cgoldfish, will you be around for a phone call about this tomorrow (Monday) after work?

- Need to find more information for trip to Nashville.

Yes, that should all keep me busy for a while, I think.
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