Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

boxers and atmosphere

I had a couple of dreams last night -- let's see if I can remember anything about them.

The second dream was about a promotion Burger King was having. They were giving away underwear, specifically boxer shorts. It was supposed to be some sort of tie-in to Superman. The label said, "Warning: Super-vision cannot see through carbon dioxide."

Despite the supposed Superman theme, the boxers were an ugly combination of mustard yellow, brown, and white. They had a unique sizing system, also; the ones I got were size "studly-fat".

The first dream I had was more science fictional. Humans had figured out a way to make parts of the area just above the Earth's amospher habitable -- there were verticle tube-shaped areas where you could go up to the habitable zone, and once you were there you could breathe normally and float around (there was no gravity up there). People were having a great old time up there. (For scientific reasons, the habitable areas couldn't be just anywhere -- they were in hundred-mile-wide strips along various great circles around the planet.)

However, once we were up there for a while, we discovered that there was a vast, intelligent, gas-based life form that made up a large part of the upper atmosphere. Its main intelligence was focused in two polar opposite points of the Earth, with the bigger point being centered right under one of the biggest points of interesections of the various habitable strips. It was friendly and interested in talking to people; however, after it discussed matters with the government (I don't remember if it was the UN, or a new world government, or just a particular nation taking it upon itself to make the decision for everyone), the government decided that it would be best if the habitable zones were evacuated and abandoned. This decision was vastly unpopular with the settlers.

There was one main character -- a settler of the habitable zones -- who talked to the intelligence from time to time. One thing he learned was that the intelligence was a big Guns & Roses fan, which came as a bit of a surprise, and he got pieces of Guns & Roses memorabilia for each pole of the being's intelligence. One was some sort of statue of the GnR logo, and the other was the music to one of their hits.

When the zones were evacuated this guy managed to stay behind, and when some government agents came up into the zones he was horrified to learn that they had brought a suitcase nuclear bomb with them, which they planned to detonate over the largest point of of the beings intelligence to kill it. Even though the being was friendly, they felt that having a giant intelligent being over the Earth was too much of a risk, so they wanted to get rid of it.

The result was a confrontation, where the government folks went to the nexus point, pretending to want to talk to the being, and the other guy jumping out and warning the being that it was a trap. But, really, what can a giant gas-based atmosphere being do? The government team says something to this effect, and the other guy says something like, "Maybe, but I think you're about to find out about the real power of music." The atmosphere intelligence takes this as its cue and starts resonating the entire atmosphere to the tune of the big Guns & Roses hit. The gigantic vibration knocks everyone out and destroys the bomb, and the atmosphere being is saved.

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