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We're on!

The Saga So Far...

When last I left this saga, the club has told Chris and I that they had accidentally double-booked us with Paul Geremia and so our show was going to be postponed to some unspecified future date. I had asked if we might be able to open for Mr. Geremia, but they said that they weren't interested in doing that.

However! I actually have an in with Paul; one of my father's cousins is a friend of his. So, before I called the club, I sent my cousin an email asking if he thought Paul would be interested in letting us open for him. Chris sent a follow-up email saying basically that we wanted to do a set, we didn't really care when we started playing, we would let Paul use our soundboard, etc. My cousin sent me email on Monday saying that he thought this was a great idea and that he would try to talk to Paul in the next couple of days.

This morning, he talked to Paul, who seemed to be pretty happy with the idea of not having to schlep his own sound system over to the bar, so it was fine with him.

I then turned over all the contact information I had for everyone over to Chris, who then called Paul and figured out how things would work, and then called the bar to see if they had any problem with the arrangements, which they didn't.

So we'll start playing at 8:30 pm! Woohoo!
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