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too much NPR on the mind

I got to bed sort of late last night, and then this morning was woken up by a pager at around 6 am. As I was trying to get back to sleep after that I was in one of those semi-unconscious states where you're still sort of awake but thoughts are chasing each other around in your brane in a fairly unrestricted fashion.

After listening to my subconscious chatter away at itself for a while I was surprised to notice a pause in the activity, which was followed by a single 'voice' saying something like, 'We hope you're enjoying these thoughts, and we know you do, but we can't keep doing it without your help. So contribute now! ...' My subconscious was subjecting me to a pledge break!

Noticing this jolted me into a bit more of a waking state. As I started to relax again, the babble of unstructured thought started to fill my mind once again, and eventually it resolved itself into an internal debate (I don't remember the topic). This was normal enough, except that eventually I realized that the voices my subconscious had chosen for the two sides of the debate were Tom and Ray from Car Talk.
Tags: dream, npr

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