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More recordings

I recorded a couple more songs this morning, probably to keep my mind off the show tonight. Nervous!

I remembered hearing a Dave Van Ronk performance (Newport '63, maybe?) in which he performed a song called 'That'll Never Happen No More'. A little fiddling around on the guitar convinced me that I might actually be able to figure out how to play it, so I thought I'd see if the Apple Music Store had it (gotta get rid of those free songs by the end of the month!), and they did, along with a recording of Blind Willie McTell singing the original. After transcribing the lyrics and running through it a few times I did my own recording. I left out the instrumental breaks that Van Ronk and McTell had because my playing isn't good enough to be interesting. I decided to harnass the power of The Twelve-String Guitar of Joe Manfre for this song and I'm happy with the results although I discovered that capoing a 12-string is tricky.

When I was waking up this morning I had all sorts of depressing thoughts about war, which resulted in my reconstructing the lyrics to an old cold war era Jimmy Rogers song called 'The World's All In A Tangle'. I then recorded it. The piano part was recorded using MIDI, and the rest was recorded on my trusty PS02 digital recorder and then transferred to the Mac. The guitar part in particular has a lot of flubs, but I think it still sounds OK. (I later found the original song in the Apple Music Store, but I didn't think to look for it until I had already recorded this. The lyrics seem to be about right though.)

Maybe I'll clean my apartment next. Must! not! think! about! show!
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