Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Field of Screams

Last night I went to Field of Screams in West Greenwich with plant_geek and restartsmyheart. This included a haunted insane asylum, a haunted hayride, and a four-dimensional maze.

It was all pretty good. We got turned around in the insane asylum (parts of which were almost pitch black) and were reoriented by the most polite werewolf ever, which was much appreciated. Before going into the maze we were given 3D polarizing glasses, and everything was decorated using a special paint that resulted in very strange visual effects. (There were also a bunch of clowns wandering around with 3d facepaint, so that their noses appeared to be sticking out ten inches, for instance. I don't quite understand how that worked.) We also encountered someone who told us not to eat the hot dogs from the food stand there, so we went out for Chinese food instead.

(Perhaps this gives the impression that I was calmly studying the phenomina of the haunted house the whole time? I did some screaming too.)

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