Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

The day's plans

On my last skein of yarn for the blanket. I predict it will be done tomorrow, but we'll see. It will be nice to work on smaller projects that don't have to be done in a while. (Right now is just about perfect stay-indoors-and-knit-something-large weather, though.)

It is rainy and windy out, so I think I'll mostly stay in today (and postpone more outdoorsy errands until tomorrow). The plan:

- Lunch.
- Make cookies for my cousin Cristine.
- Put together a packet of posters, handbills, and a demo CD to send to the New Wave Cafe.
- Go to the post office to mail the above.
- Possibly some more knitting, time permitting. (So close to being done!)
- Weather permitting, dinner with catherinejulian and others.

I also have some guitar and piano tunes to practice for upcoming shows (there's a Killdevils show at Nick-a-Nees this coming Thursday November 8) so I should find some time to do that too, probably after the post office trip or maybe after dinner.

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