Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Thinkin' about GWB

As I was driving up and down Route 95 this weekend, it occurred to me to try to think of some good things my current President has done since taking office. I'm not sure exactly why I embarked on this enterprise -- it may have partly been to convince myself that I wasn't hopelessly prejudiced against the man.

Anyway, I thought of two. Add your own!

1) After 9/11 I remember it being pretty clear that the administration was making a great effort not to scapegoat Muslims or Arabs. The enemies were the actual terrorists who conspired to attack us, not all of the members of a particular religious or ethnic group.

2) Before invading Afghanistan my recollection is that the administration seemed to be making some attempts to make their case against Al Qaeda and the Taliban in the international arena, and to enlist some international support for the invasion. (I remember thinking that there was still plenty to criticize, but it seemed like they were trying to go in the right direction ...)

There is more I could add, especially to point 2 above, but this is supposed to be a not bitter post.
Tags: politics

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