Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

knitting update

I had some fairly specific knitting plans this weekend, but few of them worked out 100% the way I'd planned, which is mostly OK.
  • Hat for my stepmother: Hey, I sewed the hat together! This wasn't something I had really planned to do this weekend, but it's a nice thing anyway. It is now done:

  • Asymmetrical v-neck for Harriet: I worked on this Friday night and had figured I would suspend working on it after I got yarn for another project (see below) on Saturday. But I got a lot done on Friday and I figured another day would probably be just about enough to finish it. Unfortunately while I was finishing the second sleeve I ran out of the yarn ... which I guess means I need to get another 110-yard skein of the stuff, even though I need a lot less of it to actually finish the project. Oh, well, such are the vaguaries of fate, I guess.

    ran out of yarn - argh!

    Most yarn places around here seem to be closed on Mondays, so on Tuesday (if I remember) I'll call around and see if there's a local source for it; if not, I'll call Woolcott in Cambridge (where I bought the yarn originally) to see if they can mail it to me; and if not, I guess I'll cry or something look around online to see if I can buy it there.
  • Nudibranch: The nudibranch still needs to be sewn together. This will probably be true until after HMas.
  • Big secret HMas project: I've been commissioned to do some knitting for a friend, and it is all a secret, so I will speak in an annoyingly vague way about it. This project required me to buy some new yarn, so yesterday knitting_arch and I went down to Warwick to look at stuff at Yarns at Lace Wings. There I bought six skeins of yarn (mostly Cascade 220) and knitting_arch bought some knitting needles and sock yarn. Then, after escaping Wal-Mart's gravitational pull (but not McDonald's) we returned to Providence. I then went to a music store (B Sharp on Broadway), because the project would ideally include some things that one might purchase at a music store, but they didn't have what I was looking for.
  • There are also two projects that are basically in suspended animation, a guitar strap (which needs to get a backing sewn on) and some socks (which I am just horribly bored with and which I only work on when no other projects are available).
I had hoped to start work on the project today, but unless I am unexpectedly hit with insomnia (and right now the opposite seems to be the case) it looks like that won't happen. So tomorrow it is, and it looks like I've got some extra-obsessive days of knitting in my future.

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