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The last time Chris and I played at the Blue Plate Lounge a woman requested 'King of the Road'. However, we didn't know how to play it. So we didn't.

But we're playing there again this Sunday so I thought it would be fun to have it prepared, particularly since I remembered it as being pretty simple. So this week it was off to the Apple Music Store for me!

I found out there are a bunch of weird versions of this song.

* There's the Roger Miller original, of course, which features snapping fingers and a nifty upright bass. OK, so it's not that weird, but I had to include it, right?

* The next version I grabbed was REM's, which apparently they recorded when they were really, really drunk. It also sounds like maybe half of them had heard the song before. manfire informs me that in the liner notes of the album this appears on the guitarist says that if there were any justice in the world Roger Miller would have been able to sue them for lots and lots of money for what they did to his song.

* Next I have a nice New Orleans piano version in straight time by James Booker. I ended up modeling my version after this, sort of, except I swung it. This was the version that showed me that maybe Chris and I could do something neat with this odd little song after all.

* Next up, Jim White's version, which has only one chord and slightly altered lyrics and which sounds like it's being sung by someone who was just punched in the gut.

* Finally, the Giant Sand version, which has sort of lounge-ish vocals put through a whole bunch of different effects boxes. I approve!

Today I was practicing it with a metronome to try to get as even as possible with the rhythm (this still requires a lot of work). Of course, Garage Band has a metronome built in ... so I ended up recording it. Again, a work in progress, so not that great, but I had fun recording it.
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