Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
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Handwriting analysis

My mother got me a subscription to Bottom Line - Personal for Christmas. Usually there isn't too much that interests me in it, but there are a few nice articles this week:

* Botox Isn't Just For Wrinkles. Surprising Benefits from This Wonder Drug. You can use it to cure writer's cramp!

* Breakfast Is the New Lunch: And other new rules for success. "Don't let others derail you! Write the phrase, Nothing and nobody can affect me negatively. Put it where you can see it. Let it remind you of your personal power."

And, of course ...

* What your handwriting reveals about you.

It gives some general outlines and then goes on to analyze the signatures of a bunch of well-known people. My favorite:
Charles Manson's signature is elaborate, and the swirling lines keep it hidden -- he didn't want to be seen as he really was. Close inspection reveals the design of the swastika superimposed on it, a sign of Manson's commitment to a dictatorial fantasy.
So remember, if someone ever incorporates a swastika in into their signature, it just may be a subtle warning sign of some sort!
Tags: crackpottery

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