Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Knitted mushroom instructions

I used some random white yarn with small splotches of blue for the body of the mushroom (I'm not sure of the brand; I think I got it through a yarn swap) and a small amount of purple Cascade 220 for the gills on the bottom of the cap. I also used a very small amount of poly fill as stuffing. The instructions I used were roughly as follows, where MC is the whitish yarn and CC is the purple.

Cast on 9 stitches in MC and distribute them evenly over three size 5 DPNs. Join in the round and knit 8 rounds, then work as follows:

1. Switch to CC and Kfb around. (18 st)
2. Purl a row.
3. Switch to MC and Kfb around. (36 st)

Knit 3 rows, then work as follows:

4. (K2, K2tog), repeat to end. (27 st)
5. Knit around.
6. (K, K2tog), repeat to end. (18 st)
7. Knit around.
8. (Slip stitch, K2tog, psso), repeat to end. (6 st)
9. Break yarn, pass through remaining stitches, pull tight. Hide yarn end inside of mushroom cap.

For the cast-on yarn end, turn the tip of the mushroom stalk inside out, work the end in a few rows, then stuff the rest into the cap.

Take a small amount of stuffing and carefully insert it into the cap of the mushroom via the stem. Adjust until the result looks appropriately mushroom-y, something along these lines:

mushroom1 mushroom2

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