Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Crazy weekend

Some things happening this weekend:

* My friend Craig is coming to Providence for his ten-year college reunion.

* Paul Geremia is playing at Billy Goode's in Newport.

* Chris Monti and I have a show in New Hampshire.

* There's a party in Schenectady at my aunt's.

* My birthday is tomorrow. (OK, not actually part of the weekend, but it has weekend consequences.)

OK, so something's got to give. But what?

The schedule that I've settled on involves skipping the Paul Geremia show and spending less time with Craig than I would like:

Friday: Craig comes to town. Enjoyment is had.

Saturday: Around noon, Chris and I leave for New Hampshire. Our show (at the Canoe Club) will start at 8 pm. My sister and her husband will come to show while my mother and her boyfriend babysit for my nephew.

Sunday: Chris drives back down to Providence (in my car). I remain in New Hampshire with my sister and her family.

Monday: I am driven out to Schenectady by either my mother or my sister. In the early evening, my mother and her boyfriend drive me back down to Providence, then return to Worcester where they live.

And that's how I'm spending the long weekend.

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