Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

The Conspiracy Confirmed

I know, I know. We've all heard the rumors, we've all heard the jokes, maybe we've even told a few ourselves. And yet ... I never even suspected the sheer size of the difference. Perhaps you are the same as I was until yesterday. If so, prepare to have your mind expanded.

So Kerri, Talysman, Kibo, and I were at the Providence Place mall, and we happened to go into Nordstrom's, and while we were in Nordstrom's several of us were struck by a desire to use the rest rooms. (Speaking of which, an interesting term, isn't it? It never made sense to me -- until now.)

While Kerri and I waited outside the rest rooms, Kerri mentioned that there was a couch in the woman's room and asked what sort of facilities the men's room had. I said that there wasn't anything like that and, after some prodding, agreed to take a picture. As you can see, there's nothing out of the ordinary: a couple of stalls, a couple of urinals, some sinks, and that's about it:

a standard men's rest room: two stalls, a couple of urinals, and a few sinks

Actually, it's nicer than a lot of men's rooms, in that it's actually quite clean. (Kerri wanted to know what the vending machine you can see in the mirror dispenses. It dispenses diapers for the changing table I was standing next to when I took the picture.)

Kerri then agreed to take my camera into the women's room and take some pictures there. Upon reemerging, she showed me the three pictures she took. "OK, here's the first living room," she began:

a woman's rest room, view 1: a couch, a chair, a couple of pictures, a nice end table with a lamp

I was stunned. Places to sit and, apparently, read? Furniture you could even lie down on if you wanted to? Carpeting? IN A REST ROOM? Had the world gone mad??!? The next picture was of the same room but taken from a different angle. But what was picture #3? "This is the second living room," Kerri explained:

a woman's rest room, view 3: a couch, two chairs, a couple of end tables, a lamp or two

This was huge! I was completely blown away. How had this information been kept from the public so long? I resolved to let everyone know this important information as soon as possible. Not even cryptic decapitation threats from the Nordstrom's Bathroom Cabal (TINC) can dissuade me:

a sign by an elevator showing three men, two without heads, standing in a box while being menaced by arrows

INFORMATION MUST BE FREE! Rise up and demand equal bathrooms, my brothers!

Tags: bathrooms, gender, nordstrom

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