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Letter to my father and stepmother

Sorry we got cut off ... my landlord turned off the power to my apartment, resulting in my phone losing power.

Anyway, the one other thing I wanted to do was give a little update about the Apple Music Store gift certificate you guys gave me for my birthday. I still have about twelve dollars left, but I've picked up a bunch of stuff already.

The first thing I got was a Jimmy Cliff album called 'Many Rivers to Cross'. I picked that one basically because I recognized some of the songs and it had the most tracks (25) so I got the most bang for my gift certificate buck. It's a mixture of some of the music I remember listening to growing up and a bunch of more obscure stuff that I think was recorded when he was first breaking into the music industry. (I think I thought of getting this because I recently watched 'The Harder They Come' on DVD from NetFlix, which is a movie that stars Jimmy Cliff -- not a great movie, I would say, but fun to watch and, of course, a great soundtrack.)

My next thought was that Gillian Welch appears to often record stuff on odd little tribute CDs (like the Gram Parsons one where she performed Hickory Wind), so I did a search for her. It turns out that most of her stuff isn't available on the Apple Music Store yet, but I did find one track I didn't have, 'In Tall Buildings' from 'A Tribute to John Hartford'.

Then I looked to see if Lucinda Williams had done anything similar. The first thing I found there was a CD called 'Lost & Found, Vol. 1', which I picked up a few songs off of:
  • Rosalie Come and Go -- Ryan Adams
  • Buick Blues -- Lucinda Williams
  • Trouble Over Me -- Tift Merritt
  • I Didn't Come Here (And I Ain't Leavin') -- Willie Nelson
  • Wichita Lineman (Vinyl Version) -- Johnny Cash
Next I noticed that Lucinda Williams had recorded a track on "Timeless - Hank Williams Tribute". I was a bit suspicious of this project for some reason, but listening to the sample songs it sounded pretty good, so I picked it up as well. Emmylou Harris recorded a couple of tracks with Mark Knopfler which I thought were particularly nice.

Finally, I was pleased to discover that the Sugar Ray & The Blue Tones album Knockout, which we had on vinyl back in the day (I guess Chris has it now), is on the Apple Music Store, so I got that too. Maybe I'll try to learn a couple of the songs; they turn out to be trickier than they sound.

So that's what I've got so far. Thanks again for the great gift!

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