Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Scott Adams wackiness

manfire and I were having a discussion and he mentioned the odd little final chapter of Scott Adams's The Dilbert Future, where he talks about how affirmations can change your life and evolution is wrong.

I was reminded that in Scott Adams's newsletter he once tried to use the power of affirmations to save the Dilbert TV show:

-> The initial attempt -- everyone was supposed to use affirmations to get the Dilbert show a 7 share starting in November of 1999.

-> A December 1999 update:
On the surface, it would appear the method didn't work. But something interesting happened, a coincidence of sorts, just as predicted.

-> The show gets taken off the air in May of 2000.

(I like Scott Adams's books a lot, even if he is a little nutty.)
Tags: crackpottery
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