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Jacob Haller

Jon Campbell at AS220 tomorrow night

Unfortunately I can't go to this, but maybe some of you can: http://www.as220.org/calendar.html#2008-10-08

9 pm
Jon Campbell, Dave Densmore, Steve Lighty
Nationally known members of Astoria Fisherpoets present commercial fisheries related poetry and music. Dave grew up in Alaska, in several Aleutian villages, with Kodiak being home town. He's been a lifelong fisherman, earning a full share on a Kodiak seiner by the time he was twelve and purchasing his first boat soon after. He skippered his first Bering Sea King crabber at 23, the youngest Bering Sea king crab skipper, at that time. He has trolled the west coast for salmon and Albacore, otter trawled for bottom fish, and fished Alaska for Black Cod and Halibut, King Crab, Tanner and Dungeness Crab. He currently fishes salmon out of Kodiak AK, and is gearing up for crab.
Dave Densmore started writing poetry in the late 70's "long before I heard anyone else write anything about commercial fishing." He's been published in numerous trade papers, magazines and newspapers and has a byline in a quarterly, the Columbia River Gillnetter. He was featured in the documentary Fisherpoets and on Good Morning America. A regular at the Astoria Fisherpoet's Gathering, Dave has also performed in Elko Nevada at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering and at events from fish fries to a sculpture dedication for the world renowned artist Mia Lin.

Jon Campbell owned a workboat before he owned a car. In those days bay scallops, clams, and quahogs, flounder and lobsters were abundant in the coastal ponds and Narragansett Bay. Regulations were few and the commercial fisheries were still represented by independent men in wooden Eastern Rigs. For the past 25 years Jon has been writing and performing music based on the wide range of experience available to those people living in coastal regions, the tourists, the cuisine, the fisheries, cranky Yankees and an assortment of humorous and poignant characters. Jon has been a recognized Rhode Island State Council on the Arts Folk Artist since 1982, and he has been involved in a large number of recording projects both as performer and producer. He is presently retired from a 25 year career in the motion picture industry, and yes he did work on the Perfect Storm, in addition to many more major releases. To fill in the blanks, Jon's musical activities in the last year have ranged from Camden Maine to Kodiak Alaska.

Each summer Steven Lighty serves a residency at Captain Nick's Rock and Roll Bar on Block Island, regaling the locals and tourists, four nights a week, with rowdy drinking music. His original songs dwell on the subjects of shipwrecks, whales & sharks, flowers, other undwerwater fauna, and whiskey. He's performed all around New England, and New York, and as far away as Oahu, and the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, Germany. For the past eight years, he's been releasing a self-produced album, The Toilet Tapes.He recently released his seventh volume. (Think Leaves of Grass with new songs get tacked on the end.)


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