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Last night's show

Last night Chris Monti and I had our first show since his return from Alaska. It was at the Java Hut in Worcester, Massachusetts.

He got back last Saturday, and we managed to get in two practice sessions: one on Monday from 7 to 9 pm, the other on Wednesday during my lunch break. In these practices we mostly concentrated on new material (Ray Charles's 'I Believe To My Soul') and songs we knew we were likely to have trouble with.

The result was that we ended up playing a lot of material last night that we hadn't performed in over a month. Despite that, it went quite well and we had a lot of fun.

I hired my stepsister to come and take some pictures of us. Until I have time to incorporate them into the band website I'll keep them here. Because of where the stage was there's a big ol' American flag in the background of almost all of the pictures of Chris, which I find amusing.

Since we were getting pictures taken, I wanted my piano to look its best, so I cleaned it and then wiped down the wooden surfaces with oil. This had the side effect that it was slippery and trickier to lug around than usual, which should have been totally predictable, and yet somehow I didn't think of it. Still, it didn't get dropped the whole night, so that was good.

When driving up, I heard on the radio that it was James Cotton's birthday, so when I got to the Java Hut I scribbled down what I remembered of the lyrics to his 'Cotton Crop Blues' and we performed it. Whee!

I got home around 1:30 am and finally went to bed (after unloading the car, etc.) around 2:30 am. So today I am pretty tired. I will probably go back to Worcester tonight to see the fireworks show there with my mother, though.
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