Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Hosting open mike at Everyman Bistro *tonight*

I just got a call from John Windle (who normally runs the Everman open mike on Mondays). Unfortunately, he's feeling under the weather today and doesn't think he'll be able to make it down, so he's asked if I can run it in his absence, which I have agreed to do.


WHERE: Everyman, 555 Valley Street, Providence, RI
WHEN: 8:30 pm -- sorry, make that 9 pm

The menu at the restaurant is small but decent; you can see it on their website. Perhaps you can weigh in on the debate between me and my friends about the desserts. (I claim that the chocolate bread pudding is the best, but they claim the chocolate cake is better.)

This is a "pass the hat" show, with the proceeds going to the featured act, U.S. Sam. I've seen Sam play before and he is a lot of fun! You can listen to some of his music on on his myspace page.

If you can't make it this week, it's worth coming down some other time, as John Windle's a good musician and a welcoming open mike host. You can see who he's got booked as the featured act for the next couple of months oh his myspace page.

Hope some of you can make it out!

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