Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

This week's phone photos

Some pictures I took this week -- first some I took at sunset in Providence, then pictures of friends, then pictures I took at the Java Hut in Worcester.

Click on a picture to see it alone.

Here's the Brooks Pharmacy at dusk. The combination of lit signs, dusk, and my camera's odd understanding of lighting yields a nice effect, I think.
Broad Street at dusk.

Looking towards downtown.

Nice sky!

My friend Meg.

My friend Sarah.

My friend and bandmate Chris.

Downtown Providence.

Graffiti at the Java Hut in Worcester, Massachusetts. The blurry writing about halfway down the kidney-shaped area says 'Trenton'.

More Java Hut graffiti. It says: You Did Spook my "Piggie's Head"

My father and stepmother.

My mother's partner.

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