Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Motif Awards results

And the winners are ... (as usual, I don't guarantee that I wrote these down completely accurately)

Best Act: Deer Tick
Best Bluegrass Band: Bourbon Boys
Best Latin Band: Santa Mamba
Best Singer-Songwriter: Mark Cutler [beating Chris Monti among others]
Best Open Mike: Oak Hill Tavern
Best New Act: Fishing with Finnegan
Best Blues Act: Superchief Trio
Best Folk Act: Magnolia [beating the Killdevils among others]
Best Female Vocalist: Aubrey Atwater
Best Album: Kari Tieger: No Mots
Best Jazz Act: Kelly Lennon
Best Celtic Act: Pendragon
Best Male Vocalist: Ray Cooke
Best Choral Group: Providence Gay Men's Chorus

Rock Music:
Best Band: Route .44
Best Live Act: Danger Danger Birds
Best Reggae/Jam Band: Fungus Amungus
Best Female Vocalist: Jess Powers (of Route .44)/Josie Crosby (Signs of Life) -- TIE
Best Male Vocalist: Dean Petrella (of the Complaints)
Break-Thru Band of the Year: [I didn't catch who won this]
Best Album: Route .44: This is my America
Best Cover/Tribute Band: 5 Flavor Discount

Instrumentalist of the Year: Morgan Eve Swain (fiddle)

Artistic vision awards: These were special awards given to people working to build Providence's artistic community. Three were given, two to the people who founded Firehouse 13 and one to John Fuzek, the head of the Rhode Island Songwriters Association.

the winners of the 2008 awards
the winners of the 2007 awards

Thanks to everyone who voted for us.

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