Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

the crazy and the dangerous

So. This past weekend Rhode Island was visited by the Westboro Baptist Church. Needless to say, they were not welcome and got some press coverage before, during, and after the fact.

Every so often I drive down Point Street past the Planned Parenthood there and invariably there are protesters out front with their signs. It's such an everyday thing that it wouldn't surprise me if people give directions by them -- go down Point Street and turn right at the giant fetus posters. Doing a little google news search turns up no recent mention of this -- I imagine this stopped being news years ago.

Regarding the latter bunch, silk_noir has put together a list of organizations that support abortion and birth control rights. Check them out, and, if you have the money and inclination, give them some support.

"I am a member of this community. Our DNA has been here since 1880. I belong here. The folks that come in from out of town, they are the intruders. Forty percent of all the people who were arrested here during the Operation Rescue in 1991 came from out of state. I intend to stay here. I am part of the fabric of Kansas and Kansas is part of the fabric of me." - Dr. George Tiller

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