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The Killdevils playing at Coffee Depot in Warren on Sunday

(I'm posting this to my livejournal and a couple of other places, so sorry if you see this more than one time.)

Chris and I have our first show together in Rhode Island since his return from Alaska. Whee!

It's on Sunday, July 11 from 3 to 6 pm at the Coffee Depot, 501 Main Street in Warren, RI. They're a nice little coffee shop. Also, there's a bar next door which Chris and I may disappear into during intermission.

The last time we played here, Joyce Katzberg (a folk musician who co-founded Stone Soup) happened to stop in for some coffee and was kind enough to sit in for a couple of songs. (I had no idea who she was at the time, but Chris recognized her.) She was great! I sent her a note about this show so maybe she will stop by again.

Here are the directions I used last time. These are essentially taken right from Mapquest. I don't remember having any problems finding the place.

  1. Take Rt. 95 to 195 East.
  2. Take exit 2 in Massachusetts (Rt. 136 South) towards Warren/Rt. 6/Newport.
  3. Take 136 South for maybe 2 1/2 or 3 miles, then turn right onto Market Street. (Mapquest says 'slight right', which in my experience could mean just about anything, so some alertness may be required here.)
  4. After about half a mile, turn right onto Main Street (also route 114).
  5. It's the Coffee Depot at 501 Main Street.
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