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The Eight Stages of Throwing Junk Out

  1. Clean apartment. Throw away lots of stuff. Admire all the bags of garbage you have generated.
  2. Hey, it's trash day! Decide to hold off on taking trash out until you're finished doing other stuff.
  3. Wow, it's sort of late. Take all the trash down to the curb.
  4. Try to think if you've forgotten anything. Decide you haven't. Start preparing for bed.
  5. Think of a few minor items that you forgot to throw out. Decide they can wait until next trash day.
  6. Go to bed. Wake up at three in the morning. Recollect a large, bulky item, such as a giant pile of magazines, that you should really throw out right now.
  7. Get up, throw away magazines.
  8. Post to Livejournal about it. Hope that there isn't a step nine.

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