Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

100-word story: In the Hall of the Mountin' King

Another 100-word story. Enjoy! This was a little tricky as when I first wrote it it came to about 250 words and both expanding it to 500 and contracting it to 100 seemed pretty difficult. But anyway.

Title and line of dialogue provided (then later disavowed) by schwa242.

In the Hall of the Mountin' King

A palace decorated in fur and glass, the King of the Taxidermists' home. A man of skill; those viewing animals he's stuffed swear they yet live. His one companion, his dog.

He refuses all visitors for months, but today allows one. He rises stiffly.

The visitor looks concerned. "You're OK?"

"I had an accident while touring my estate. My leg was amputated."

Looking down, the king's legs appear normal. The King notices. "My best work. It required much practice. Still ..."

Inquisitive look.

"Well, you should have seen the look on the dog's face when I did it to his leg."

Tags: writing

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