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Red Sox game report

I took a half-day vacation today and went to see a Red Sox game in Boston with my father and his wife. We all sort of expected that the game would actually be rained out, but it wasn't, although there was an inning or two where things were pretty wet out there.

We had good seats:

and the game was nice and exciting, although unfortunately the Red Sox lost to the Chicago White Sox 8-7.

[Some pictures from the game and from a carnival I went to last week.]

Things really got exciting at the bottom of the fifth when Manny Ramirez got a home run and tied up the game 4-4. I happened to record the sounds of the crowd whistling and shouting 'MAN-NY! MAN-NY!' while he was at bat. (The recording cuts off just when he hit a foul ball, but shortly after that he hit a home run, so there you are!)

I got to see two guys from my fantasy baseball team play: Kevin Millar of the Red Sox, who hit a home run in the bottom of the ninth and brought the game within one run of a tie (totals for the evening: 1 hit, 1 base on balls, 2 runs, 2 rbi), and Cliff Politte of the White Sox, who allowed a couple of hits and let the bases get loaded in 1/3 of an inning but who still managed to escape without any runs being charged to him.

It was a great evening! Now if only another guy could have been on base when Millar got the home run ...
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